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Cable Manufacturing

Since its launch in 1989, Instacable has become a leading high-tech manufacturer thanks to our leading-edge production facility. We produce a broad range of cable assemblies, including RF coaxial, single-core and multicore as well as wire harnesses for manufacturers in various sectors – electronics, industrial, automotive, medical, household appliance, aerospace, and telecom – and in the wi-fi network and control panel sectors. We also provide on-demand parts remoulding and produce proprietary moulds

At our cutting-edge assembly laboratory, we produce single-mode and multimode optical fibre cable assemblies for business, industrial, and military use. We also provide maintenance and repair.

In addition to our manufacturing capacity, we can correct design flaws in products built by other manufacturers.

Our products provide solutions to multiple sectors

We provide products to clients in many sectors and industries. We’ve built strong relationships based on trust with clients in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Canada United-States Europe

Certified quality

Our manufacturing activities comply with the most stringent standards. Out products are UL-listed (E150290, E165896) and CSA-certified (5852-01). We comply with lead-free, ROHS, and LSHZ standards for North American and European clients.

Underwriters Laboratories csa group Rohsguide Rohsguide wikipedia Low smoke zero halogen

Call on a trustworthy manufacturer

You can rely on us for all of your cabling needs, including correcting design flaws in non-Instacable products. Contact us at 1 800 665-cable (2225) or manufacture@instacable.com.

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